Monday, June 23, 2008

Another Death - Another Lesson

Comedian George Carlin died yesterday. I didn't see many of his specials, but when I did, he usually made me think. And after writing the essays on death and life, I found some of his life story to be relevant. For example, it is pretty well known that he didn't believe in God, but he actually grew up Catholic. And for the 8 years he did go to school, he actually went to a Catholic School in New York that he credited for being very progressive where everything was open for discussion and students were encouraged to think for themselves. I found that to be an interesting life experience that I did not know before. And this morning while watching the news, I saw a brief interview clip with him that taught me a little more.

I hear a Comedy Central poll has him second only to Richard Pryor as favorite stand-up comic (who I still miss...with his crazy but insightful Comedy Central also has some videos on their site...and of course YouTube has a number of videos, including a very in depth interview with him on Larry King Live in 2001.

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