Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Amen Corner: Remembering James Baldwin his own words

Remembering James Baldwin

His birthday was August 2nd. He was one of the greatest writers and thinkers of the 20th century. In his honor..and for our benefit....we should hear him his own words.

If you have a free hour (lol), this is MUST watch video. James Baldwin's message in this and The Fire Next Time becomes even more powerful given today's political climate...and eerie in its accuracy (foreshadowing). All should really peep this...

Get to know James Baldwin...and the understanding he communicate in the last few minutes is why he is so important to know...

“Take no one’s word for anything, including
mine – but trust your experience.” – James Baldwin

James Baldwin on What's Important

“Color is not a human or personal reality; it
is a political reality.” – James Baldwin

“This is why the most dangerous creation of
any society is that man who has nothing to lose.” – James Baldwin

“If we do not dare everything, the
fulfillment of that prophecy, re-created from the Bible in song by a slave, is
upon us: God gave Noah the rainbow sign,
No More water, the fire next time!” – James Baldwin

Excerpt of speech from my film James Baldwin Anthology

in his own words...and for our benefit...if we listen.

“But it is not permissible that the authors
of devastation should also be innocent.
It is the innocence which constitutes the crime.” – James Baldwin

Who is the Nigger? -James Baldwin (clip)

We are capable of bearing a great burden, once we discover that the burden is reality and arrive where reality is. – James Baldwin


Unknown said...

Dr. Wright

This is profoundly powerful stuff! An absolutely brilliant mind on fire igniting a furnace in me. I've got to MOVE!


Tina said...

Thank you Dr.Gabe for checking out my blog! :-) Yes, profound and powerful indeed...and so very relevant! I find myself drawing on Baldwin more and more in these times....he knew (40 years ago) what we must do (today). Let's go!

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Wright,
I had watch many of these clips before, but the difference of my previous listenings is that my perspective of Mr. Baldwin has change, in a way. Every genious is strange in their own way and I saw that in Mr. Baldwin, he was strange, but I can see in is eye the fire and watching the clips to their entirety also helps.
But it's true, where are we and what role will we play? Some how, I continue to feel the shackles. Mr. Farrakhan said that they won't kill 300 of us, but there are three hundred of us who are ready to die. It's true, where would we be if we did not fight for human rights, better known as "Civil Rights?"
I am ready.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Wright,
The previous comment is from Ms. Ojeda in your soc 11 course. Peace.

Anonymous said...

Dr Wright Mr. Baldwin is absolutely we should never give up and fight for our rights and what we belive in.

Unknown said...

Indeed POWERFUL!! If "we" would only act and react on our true beliefs, "we" would be in a much better position!!

Minister C. Brown