Sunday, July 27, 2008

Join the Urban Teacher Network! A Hip Hop Congress Education Initiative

Hip Hop Congress is a non profit organization that incorporates Hip Hop to inspire young people to get involved in cultural creativity, social action and civic service. The Urban Teacher Network (UTN) will be a major project of Hip Hop Congress' Education Initiative. Its purpose is to reach out directly to those that work and mentor our youth. We want to support their efforts, build networks,
share curriculum ideas and resources, and organize ways to better serve our communities needs.

Teachers have many tough issues to deal with while trying to educate and elevate today's youth in this oppressive structure. The truth is the school system in many ways maintains the status quo structure of injustice and inequality. Teachers and even many administrators work hard to change that but often find themselves penalized for thinking outside of the box and being more relevant to their students' lives.

The UTN hopes to organize and support teachers who dedicate their lives to literally saving our future. The UTN is also interested in educating and mentoring our youth in more creative and relevant ways to most effectively serve their needs. To that end, we are promoting an urban arts education curriculum to bring to schools, correctional facilities, group homes, and after school programs. We also plan to organize UTN events for teachers and students outside of the classroom in less restrictive spaces to learn, live and grow through experiences in community based outings.

More information including data form can be found at the following Google docs link:

Please send completed data forms to

Please contact us
if you have any other questions and we will reach out to you promptly!

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