Saturday, August 30, 2008

Gustav and the Anniversary of Katrina

9/20 update: Prayers to all affected by Hurricane Ike as well. The recovery effort in impacted areas looks like it will be difficult and long.

It's hard to believe that New Orleans may be hit again by a major hurricane. Already Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Jamaica were impacted but Cuba and the U.S. seem to be in for a much worse pounding. Let's keep all in thoughts and prayers and hope this time will be different. But we must never forget:

Hopeful - a Hurricane Katrina Tribute

It also offers a reminder of the stakes this election year and the truest words ever spoken by Kanye West:

I will never get tired of watching this clip.


Saron said...

this is a really REAL clip. Kanye said it best. I just love the reaction of his co-host (i forget his name). Classic. He looks like a person who just heard a really big secreat being told on national TV.

Tina said...

Thanks for checking out my blog Saron and leaving a comment :-)

Anonymous said...

Kanye stood up for people who were in a horrific situation - the people who were down and out and didn't have a voice. I also think the commentator was right in letting him state his claim without interrupting Kanye or trying to override Kanye's thoughts. My heart goes out to those devastated by Hurricane Katrina and also to those who were left to suffer for so long . . . I couldn't imagine what that felt like.

Anonymous said...

The above comment was left by Sunita.