Friday, October 10, 2008

Lynch Mob 2008 - An Important Read

I want to share an article I read this morning on a blog...I think it captures the latest election dynamics well. I told my classes that with the real prospect of an Obama presidency, McCain and his supporters are now using more desperate tactics, and more overt racism will be boiling to the surface. Obama has to watch his back...but so do the rest of us who this 2008 lynch mob will target if Obama wins. In the blog I wrote titled Wargames, I ended with this thought:

....the politics of fear is what really fueled a lot of the other Bush devastating policies. And while it seemed most people had finally smelled the coffee of manipulation, this election is going to reveal if the politics of fear may still hold the same power it did to elect Bush for a second term......The politics of fear will dominate the rest of this campaign and although no one will ever admit it, the major factor will not be about Obama's experience; it will be about his race. The language will be coded but the politics of fear will be a test of white supremacy's saliency. If Obama loses, that will be the reason why without a doubt.

Please read article and the comments that follow at the link below:

The Unthinkable

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Anonymous said...

I do think the election of 2004 was about fear and some people learned from it. I also think that what the media portrays during election time has a lot to do with how people react and vote. Hopefully those who are "undecided" will not cast their vote based on a few weeks of hype, because sometimes those marginal voters can decide the election. Thanks for all the information in one place - this was really resourceful and allowed me to catch up on the issues. Thanks, Sunita