Friday, December 26, 2008

Back Again

This fall I worked both a full time and part time jobs = 7 classes, 4 days a week, 3 campuses, 8 am class, 3 night classes, 2 hour commute, and a partridge in a pear tree :-) The bad news: I BARELY survived! The good news: it’s OVER! :-) Due to the “SEMESTER FROM HELL” I have not updated this blog in a long while, but will do better in 2009. My plan is to post links to articles and videos of interest daily and write a new op/ed essay at least once a week. This is my early new year resolution :-)

It's been a long time, I shouldn't of left you...Time's up, I'm sorry I kept you... - Rakim

but, I'm Back Again - Dilated Peoples

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Anonymous said...

Hey Tina,

I'm glad you made it through the semester! I knew you would. I just went through something similar: 40 hour full-time job and 2 classes at night and both classes were an hour commute (one way). But now it's over and I'm glad as well. We are chilling through the Christmas break, well needed! I hope the fam is well. We are doing good on the east coast. We are all hoping for peace and an economic recovery!

Take care, love, Sunita