Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Dialogue begins? Um, not yet.

As those that have been reading my blog know, I thought that racism would actually be more visible in an Obama-world. Well, that seems to be the case. All sorts of evidence is pointing to that (Obama receiving MANY more death threats than other presidents, hate crimes up, gun sales up, racist cookies and cartoons, more police killings of unarmed young black men, etc., etc.).

Now I also saw it as an opportunity to finally take the scab of our racist history off and start a proper healing. That seems to be a harder task, because while the evidence builds, the denial remains. So where many are outraged over the NY post's racist cartoon this week, many are defending it. While Eric Holder spoke the truth about this country's cowardice about the issue of race, most from the right and LEFT are offended...instead of accepting it as the truth and working on changing it.

While the vast majority of my emails this week have been about the cartoon controversy, I did not really engage...because I felt we were missing the ball again. I finally posted something today on an article a friend posted on his page, and I wanted to share here:

Simulating Murder - Another Look at the NY Post Cartoon Fiasco
By Amiri Baraka

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