Saturday, March 14, 2009

Is Hip Hop a Movement?

In my sociology and African American studies classes, we discuss many historical movements: abolition, Marcus Garvey & the UNIA, women's, labor, anti-war, student movement, Civil Right's, Black Power, Black Arts, & anti-globalization movements...

I've written a number of essays re: how hip hop is a movement (hip hop political agendas, grassroots organizing) and how it still needs to organizes the masses (no masses, no movement). The purpose of this blog is to nurture the movement, and get more involved.

This video series by hip hop journalist Davey D asks the question: Is hip hop a movement?

I am interested in continuing the dialogue Davey D has started in this video series. Please watch the video clips and post your thoughts!

If you are on Facebook, and want to join the dialogue there, go to:

Is Hip Hop a Movement? In 2009 We Examine Our Political Relevance

by Davey D

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