Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Help Hip Hop Congress Go Platinum!

To all the Hip Hop Heads, Organizers, Activists, Artists, Fans and Supporters of Hip Hop Congress

For years, members of Hip Hop Congress have discussed the strategic viability of making ourselves ‘go platinum.’ Now we are taking the initiative to do it, and we need your help. Our concept is simple: invest a portion of the resources we have committed to the hip hop economy (via music and show ticket sales) to community empowerment!

Please Donate $5 to $40 to Hip Hop Congress and help us ‘go platinum.’ This money will go go DIRECTLY back into your communities. Hip-Hop Congress will use your money to fulfill our mission of providing the Hip Hop and Post Hip Hop Generation with the tools, resources, and network to create political, social, and economic change.

What does your donation pay for?

* Funding of arts education outreach programs that will connect Hip Hop Congress members and chapters to local and regional schools, programs and youth centers

* Funding new operations and offices for Hip-Hop Congress and our cultural partners around the globe.

* Supporting our youth, high school and college chapters in their programming and event goals by funding entrepreneurial endeavors that will ensure a sustained independent Hip-Hop economy.

* Community organizing and education campaign efforts on issues that affect all of our communities like youth violence, police accountability, poverty, institutional racism, and diversity.

With just a small donation you can help fund a revolutionary economic act. We’ve all purchased an album that has gone platinum, but where does that money REALLY go? With your small donation, this year alone, we can fund a national movement of hundreds of artists and activists working on projects that will directly effect thousands on a grassroots level. Hip-Hop Congress does NOT care about being rich. But it does care about adequately investing in the future of culture, creativity, and independent economy. Donate today and see for yourself the power of YOUR people in full effect as we report all of our successful ventures and endeavors on

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