Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Truth.

Talking to my classes this morning, I was glad to hear the excitement in their voices coupled with the realism of the situation. They honored the magnitude of the history just made. They understood they made it happen. Their expectations were realistic and no one expected any real change to come from top to bottom. They understood Obama will not change the world. I just hope they know, they can.

This article by Tim Wise is a MUST read. It is the truth.

Good, and Now Back to Work:
Avoiding Both Cynicism and Overconfidence in the Age of Obama
By Tim Wise
ber 5, 2008


Dome said...

It's a beautiful thing!
It's surreal!
But it's about time!
It hit me when I saw Michelle and his daughters come out on stage with him. It was Black love for the entire world to see.
My students (7th graders) are celebrating and have his name written on their folders like he's their favorite artist.
Tell me when a prez had that impact. WE must do the work and bring about the change. Otherwise, a lot of this enthusiasm and renewed hope will be in vain...but still...I'm so happy!!!

Anonymous said...

I like the part about "change with commitment," I feel we all need to commit to the rough road ahead of us: to stay on track and be accountable in our own lives: to reach further than we ever have to educate ourselves, our families and to know that true change comes when we do not passively sit aside, but rather strategically plan for the future that is being passed on to our kids and the younger generation.
See ya Tina,
From Sunita