Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Historic. Today is for...

REPOST from November 4th, 2008...

...those that paved the way (all previous generations), the many educators that have dedicated their lives to speaking truth to power and teaching generations that truth, and those that the struggle IS all about and for (the next generation)...

So thank you:

Fannie Lou Hamer...and all that lived and died fighting the struggles of slavery and jim crow for our humanity.

This historic day is dedicated to our ancestors...their struggles and their victories. A friend of mine wrote a very personal reflection that placed this day in this proper context..this day is not really about us...it is about them. This is their day, and we owe them EVERYTHING.

African Americans understood this and exercised our right to vote in record numbers to honor our foremothers and forefathers that could never have imagined this day....but made it possible.

As a student turned teacher of African American studies, today is...one....historic and emotional day.

and thank you:

Teachers and Professors. The education you provide molded the new electorate and made this historic result possible - the "under 50" and educated voting blocs helped make this possible. Job well done, fellow educators.

and finally, thank you:

Generation Next. Your grassroots work paid off...You stepped up and proved you are now ready to lead...your time is now...The future is yours to make. It was never about Obama...it was always about you.

I wish I had time to really reflect on this historic moment but I'm still glued to my TV and absorbing the magnitude of this moment...hopefully I'll be able to write a decent reflection by weekend.

...but for now, I am just relieved and enjoying the moment.

Rise up Hip Hop Nation! The torch is now yours. Let’s get free.

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adrian said...

It seems like so often when I talk with people from older generations who are convinced that my generation is a failure (they like to say I'm an exception, like somehow my intelligent hardworking friends aren't like me), they like to forget that it was the support and energy from my generation that helped to push *PRESIDENT* Obama to where he is today. Like somehow he got in there with the same old tactics always used.

I agree, my generation hasn't done enough for global warming...yet. I agree my generation was too focused on material things and getting money, and not focused on helping their fellow neighbor...growing up. But as we should do with Obama, hold him to his word but give him some time to shine, we should do with my generation.

It's time to buckle down, put in some work, and be patient.